Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Daydreams & Color Schemes

I have my animation all storyboarded out. Right now, I'm picking shooting locations and scheduling. And over break, I'll be scouring my basement back home, looking for little treasures, like my grandpa's old compass (I already have my dad hunting it down). I'm rather excited for this project. It took a lot of thought (and daydreaming) to really plan everything out. But after break, I start shooting & editing. I really want to see how it will come out.

Next week, I'll be making trip to Joann's to buy some fabric for my animation, so I've been looking at my favorite photostreams on Flickr, like fadedfilmstrips, trying to pick out a definite color scheme. Maybe I just love this one because I miss the sunshine. Or maybe because these photos are all so lovely.

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