Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Michaela & The Macasaurus Rex

So about that new iPod I bought...

It requires the latest version of iTunes...

Which requires the Lion or Mountain Lion OSX.

I didn't update my OSX since I bought this laptop freshman year of college. I was on a much less ferocious cat.

So I had to call Apple and explain that apparently my computer is a dinosaur, and I can't update to Lion because I'm on Leopard and it won't let me. So I had to pay $20 plus shipping to get the discs to upgrade to Snow Leopard. Which I got Monday and installed yesterday. And then I could download Lion or Mountain Lion (might as well go with the newest) for another $20. So now I'm all updated. And now my iPod has music on it.

I have to say, people really weren't kidding about their computers running faster with Mountain Lion. I was definitely hesitant (not that I had a choice), but Mountain Lions might me my new favorite animal. I thought this dear ol' laptop was gonna go to that big hard drive in the sky in a week or two. Now it's like it's brand new. Oh, and the Launchpad is pretty cool.

Today I have to do laundry and lots of cleaning. Tomorrow's a big adventure.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Thoroughly Modern Michaela

A few nights ago, after a 13 hour shift, I bought an iPod touch. Here's why this is a big deal: I'm several decades behind.

I own one iPod nano, which is several generations old, and given to me by my old roommate when she acquired a new one. It works sometimes, and only holds 4GB, which really is like 3GB because it's always confused. Plus, most of my music collection is on vinyl. So I rely on the likes of Pandora and Groove Shark for more current music.

But after getting the emails from Apple about the new specs for the camera/video features, I figured it be nice to have something more portable than my Pentax or Canon Rebel. SLRs, film especially, are always my favorite. But they are bulky, and I get so impatient with downloading pictures to my computer, and developing film is expensive, with or without your own dark room. And I keep thinking about how few pictures I take nowadays. So this is a new option.

So while trying to figure out apps to be all modern, I downloaded just about everything that makes my photos look vintage and my videos look like Super 8. Maybe I'm doing this wrong.

I won't go on about apps I do or don't like, considering everyone else probably used them 2 years ago. But maybe, just maybe, I'll post more little projects on here. Later this week, I'll be leaving Nicholas again (we just can't stay in the same state!) to spend some time with my family in Detroit. Really, it's due to all this medical crap I'm dealing with, so they're gonna take care of me and get me to all the necessary doctors' appointments so I don't have to worry about passing out on the bus (oops). My job is really understanding, so I'll be taking time off from that, too. I'm sure I'll still be taking frequent naps, but I think a new batch of merit badges is long overdue.