Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Michaela & The Macasaurus Rex

So about that new iPod I bought...

It requires the latest version of iTunes...

Which requires the Lion or Mountain Lion OSX.

I didn't update my OSX since I bought this laptop freshman year of college. I was on a much less ferocious cat.

So I had to call Apple and explain that apparently my computer is a dinosaur, and I can't update to Lion because I'm on Leopard and it won't let me. So I had to pay $20 plus shipping to get the discs to upgrade to Snow Leopard. Which I got Monday and installed yesterday. And then I could download Lion or Mountain Lion (might as well go with the newest) for another $20. So now I'm all updated. And now my iPod has music on it.

I have to say, people really weren't kidding about their computers running faster with Mountain Lion. I was definitely hesitant (not that I had a choice), but Mountain Lions might me my new favorite animal. I thought this dear ol' laptop was gonna go to that big hard drive in the sky in a week or two. Now it's like it's brand new. Oh, and the Launchpad is pretty cool.

Today I have to do laundry and lots of cleaning. Tomorrow's a big adventure.

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  1. I'm glad to see you're writing again. I love it. :)


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