Monday, May 31, 2010

Repeat All.

I've been in love with wallpaper since my parents redid Ciara's and my bedroom when I was 5 years old.  I remember looking through a book of different patterns and designs, and being in love with a unicorn border. They decided on a border that said "Friends of the Rainforest." I wasn't too thrilled. I'm sure there are others out there worse than this rainforest one, but there are also some completely magical patterns. And although it would be a giant hassle, I'm sure, I'm quite set on using one in my home someday. I'd just have to find the perfect spot. The image above and the two below are wallprints by Louise Body, who makes some of my favorite patterns. (Click images to go directly to the source.)

Here are some other pretty patterns that caught my eye:

Would you ever use wallpaper? I can't help but be reminded of stories of family friends re-decorating and finding layer upon layer of wallpaper to be stripped. Too much of a hassle? Maybe. Worth it? I think so.

Chat Roulette Documentary

And since I posted all those other wonderful videos about Chatroulette, I figured I should include this one, which explains the good and bad and the funny. Happened to find this while rendering/searching the staff pics on Vimeo. Obviously Chatroulette is not appropriate for everyone.

Ode to Merton

Ben Folds imitates the Chatroulette Piano Improv guy.

Chat Roulette Funny Improv #1

Yet another reason I'm intrigued by Chatroulette.


I still haven't tried Chatroulette. I'm a little hesitant. But then you see great things like this... Haha.

Typophile Film Festival 5 Opening Titles

I wouldn't mind working on something like this.

El Rincón de las Cosas

I love the red shoes going down the stairs. And the shadows moving on the grass.


I love when the doll pushes the book onto his lap. I love this style of pixilation: many parts could have been video and completed much quicker, but instead, they were shot frame by frame, giving it this uncanny appearance. He moves fluidly...but not quite right. I love doing things like that in my own animations. It's so bizarre, and creates this perfect dream world.

Les Peaux de Lièvres

A completely incredible animation. It's nice to know that someone takes on projects that are more insane and work intensive than my own. Haha. But watch to the very end, where you can see the actual fabric as it zooms out. Can you just imagine working on this?

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Catch up.

It seems I have fallen off the face of the earth these past few weeks. I've been rather busy, between work, babysitting, volunteering, and trying to get some rest. However, having a three year old sister makes that difficult. Anyway, enough excuses. Hopefully this week, I'll get back on track with blogging and catch up on email. (I went from checking it every 10 minutes to once a day or less and then forgetting about it.) So here is some of what I've been up to.

Driving through epic thunderstorms. (And by driving, I mean riding in the passenger seat.)

Trips to the zoo to visit arctic friends.

Buying desperately needed clothes.

Wonderful garage sale finds.

Successful vintage shopping.

Animated horse races.

Magical Tea Parties.

Working on decorations for Shrine's vacation bible school.

Starting new books and reading my first graphic novel.

Getting ice cream for a penny at the Oberweiss grand opening. (Ciara loved it.)

Wrapping bouquets and sweeping up petals.

Finding old friends at the library.

Learning how to dance...or just making collages with the directions.
Visiting Ikea and finding what I never knew I needed (to be mounted by my drawing table).

Getting hooked on awful games. (Apparently I'm on a zombie kick lately.)

And hanging out with Mia.

Time for some strawberry shortcake! Mmmm!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Lots of Lovely

I've been cleaning out my bookmarks lately, and thought I should share some of these things that I thought were worth a second look.

This Flickr set of a vintage abc book.

This vintage inspired anniversary shoot by Jill Thomas.

These photos by Kate Miss.

The best thing since sliced bread.

Maybe I'll share more later. Right now, I have to go make a sketchbook for Mia. And work in a sketchbook of my own.