Monday, August 29, 2011

Summer Cliff Notes, Part 2

Even though my summer is officially over, I'm going to finish what I started, and summarize my adventures over my last few months of freedom.
I found the most fabulous "I Scream" shop & bellbottom pants at the library. 
My hair was usually a bit of an impossible mess, as was my room.
I was paid to make messes like these at work. 
But I also made cool things, too.
These pieces became part of a stop motion animation for American Greetings.
This iPhone and these lovely friends were also animated.
But I had a table all to myself to create, and a floor to spread out and animate on.
Nicholas surprised me with this to-scale model of my room, so I could rearrange my furniture how I wanted it. And then he emptied my room so we could paint. 
Now it's a much prettier color.
We took a great road trip from Cleveland to Charleston, with plenty of patriotic sights in between.
I found this friend in an antique shop, and this shirt in a sailing shop. Nicholas refused to buy me either.
 He did, however, tolerate excessive time shopping at some of my favorite stores.
Even when all the clothes looked like a lot of outfits I already own.
We ended our trip with a day of sailing, and I came back to Cleveland to find Debbie's art hanging up at the airport RTA station.
I made more dreamcatchers, and lots of clover crowns. 
I accumulated a ridiculous amount of 35mm filmstrip slideshows. They're beautiful.
I saw this beauty at a car show with Josh & Scott, and that cat totebag at a bus stop. Jealous of both. 
Finally got around to visiting the A Christmas Story house (they filmed it here in Cleveland!), even though my dad says it's a sin to visit it when there isn't snow on the ground. 
I spent a good amount of time exploring the wilderness, aka, suburban Cleveland where they don't want pedestrians and therefore have no sidewalks.
I added the beauty on the right to my vintage religious completed paint-by-numbers collection. It's Jesus overlooking the Sea of Galilee. Or watching a sunset. You choose. 
And dyed my hair crazy colors which are still changing. Mia says it's a hair of a different color. I love that kid.

My semester started today. I'm already working on a photo assignment. And heading to work at the library. I might have exciting news tomorrow. Well, not that exciting. We'll see. Also, my room might catch on fire tonight. But let's hope not.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Orientation is over.

I just finished being an orientation leader for the 3rd and final time. I'm exhausted. It's entirely worth it. But I need to sleep now, and clean tomorrow, and start class on Monday.



Sunday, August 21, 2011

Summer Cliff Notes, Part 1

The past couple of days, besides trying to sleep as much as possible and do as little as I could get away with, I've been having a bit of a quarter life crisis. This is pretty much my last "summer" ever. And today, at 3pm, I start orientation leader (OL) training week. And then that ends Saturday. I have Sunday to run around doing last minute errands, and cleaning my room. And then Monday I start classes. And my BFA. Which means pretty much I'm not going to sleep until May 12th or so. And I really like sleep. Don't get me wrong, I've been looking forward to school, and I love my classes, but I also love sleep and I don't think I'm ready to give it up quite yet.

Anyway, enough lamenting. I figured I'd post some pictures from my phone as a recap of all that I did this summer, which is sort of a lot.
The summer was pretty chilly for awhile (mid 60s!) but I still enjoyed frappuccinos.
I fell in love with these boots at a store down the street with beautiful decor.
I ate healthy. All the time.
Things like this became normal to discover in our fridge.
Debbie & I made awards to give out at a street fair, and looked at, uh, art, at the Hessler Street Fair.
I sketched this picture of my sister because I needed a face in profile for a freelance project. And then I was tempted to use money from said project on wonderful treasures.
I got my Etsy shop up and running, and made plenty of pocket friends. Mia wanted me to make her a Tinker Bell pocket friend that looked like this.
And I figured out how to weave the center of dreamcatchers. And have since sold 4 in my shop. 
One day I overslept a bit, so I brought a golden cat as a peace offering to the library. We named him Simon Goldsworthy. He's kind of a big deal. But then he went missing!
This is what happens when you don't return your library books. Poor Simon! 
I budgeted my groceries appropriately.
At work at the library, one of my jobs involves weeding through the slide collection. Sometimes, I find beautiful things. And then I go home and make beautiful things, like these magnets I made for Mia's birthday.
I found awesome books while shelving at the library, although I did consider another job when I saw that Jeeper's was looking for a baton twirler! (Or artist, that too.) Haha
One day I took Mia to the antique store, and then next door to get ice cream. 
I had a cake pop at my parents' 25th anniversary party. Mia had cotton candy at her birthday party. 
For her birthday, she insisted on having her milk in a champagne glass. And she got what she "always wanted!" She loves Rapunzel, so she currently loves my hair.
Mia found a way to turn her leggings into shorts.
And I found a way to make cryptozoology merit badges. I think I need to make one for Shark Week, too.
I found old friends at the library.
 And Simon made new friends there.

I'll be back with more adventure recaps sometime later as long as I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. But that shouldn't happen until August 29th.