Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I stopped checking the weather.

Because I know that it's going to be hot everyday.

Yesterday, I filled out a form for an official change of address so that I can get a new state ID so that I can get a job. And stuff. Did I mention I moved? And graduated?

I'll probably be quiet here for a few more days. I'm trying to get my Etsy shop back up and running, and make my own art, and talk to people about jobs. So once things settle down, I'll have a routine (that finally involves sleeping more than 4 hours a night!), and be posting here a lot more often. Besides, I make a lot of things. You should probably see them.

And if you want to see some of them, you should look at my website! I still need to add my BFA work to it, but it consists of a lot of things I've made. Hopefully it will help me get a job making things. Maybe like these...

So here I am, in the beautiful state of South Carolina, where I spend weekends sailing with Nicholas and weekdays making messes (until I get a job). We drive almost everywhere on his motorcycle, which saves on gas, and makes it easier for him to stop so I can hop off and pick some wildflowers, which is nice. The weather is wonderful and always warm, and I'm staying with a family friend in a room with floral wallpaper until I find my own place. Mia has agreed to be my penpal, and Debbie & I are trying to figure out how to get a tin can telephone to go from here to Alaska. Yesterday, I made sushi rolls thanks to Nick's uncle who loves cooking, and also thanks to him, tried the best tasting homemade-by-a-friend-in-Germany alcohol-of-some-kind that tasted exactly like Smucker's strawberry jam. Exactly.

Things here are swell. I have some friendship bracelets to finish up now.

(Pictured above: set from Clementine animation; enameled pig necklace; artist book; friendship bracelet; merit badge; story; The Official Whimsy Scout Handbook; weaving sample on film; Fred & Ginger free motion machine embroidery; handmade sketchbook; Storyline No. 3.)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Not done yet.

It's sinking in.

Tomorrow I have to de-install my BFA work, and move everything out of my studio (since I didn't finish today).

A lot has happened in a little time. The week before final critiques was madness. I was still working on creating tapestries for BFA, and running into problems along the way. The week of final critiques I pulled 3 all-nighters. And the week of BFA--this week--I've still been at the studio working every night. How is it that there is still so much to do? But now I have one thing left. And then a week of sitting on Debbie's porch.

On Monday, I found out I was one of the Top 20 Finalists for the President's Traveling Scholarships. What a wonderful feeling, to receive that recognition, especially considering some people told me it was a waste of time to apply. But I know I work hard. And I know I can make nice work.

I survived my BFA oral defense on Thursday morning. I felt confident, and only nervous for a brief amount of time due to circumstances unrelated to my work. So many friends, faculty, and staff showed up. People sat and stood in every space, and even poured into the hallway. It was incredibly encouraging. The head of the fine arts environment showed up, despite the fact that I have never had a critique with him, and I don't know that he's ever seen my work before. But he was there. And he made it tough. And I made it through. It was definitely an interesting conversation, though. I went into the T.I.M.E. Digital Arts major (Technology & Integrated Media Environment), with an emphasis in animation. But then I started minoring in Fiber & Material Studies, and utilizing fiber-based processes in most of my work. And in the end, my work was about photography, so I took a few classes with Film, Video & Photographic Arts. So the faculty at my defense had different points of view and different ways of thinking. But in the end, those that were (and are) supportive helped me learn a little more in that one hour. As stated, other politics were in play, but those whose opinions mattered to me were impressed, and I have received so much positive feedback.

Last night my family (minus Ciara, who had to work) drove from Detroit to see my exhibition and attend the reception. Mia loved it. She kept asking to see more arts. And she called me today to tell me how much she loved all the art she saw. At 8pm, they announced the winners of the Traveling Scholarships.

I won.

Mine was the first name called, before I even realized what was happening. I was pushed and pulled in different directions, receiving hugs and words of support, all with Mia clinging to my leg. I'm so happy for the other 5 recipients, including some very good friends of mine. People are going to Barcelona and Madrid and Ireland and all over. And I'll be heading out west for wilderness and wildflowers like I've never experienced. What a wonderful thing, to earn money to travel after school, to make art.

This week, I need to clean and pack and make friendship bracelets. Nicholas will be her Friday, and in a week, I'll graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. And right after that, I move to the South. It's nice to know that I'm running to someone and not away from something. Every song sounds sadder right now. It's a good thing I love that boy so much.

(Top image: photograph of part of my BFA installation.)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Ghosts & Graduation

My BFA thesis project is installed, working, and ready to go. And I am ready for bed.

I'm so close to being done. This is all so close to being over. And while I would prefer to sleep every night always, I'm going to miss art school.

Until I get my MFA.

Which will hopefully be sometime.