Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I stopped checking the weather.

Because I know that it's going to be hot everyday.

Yesterday, I filled out a form for an official change of address so that I can get a new state ID so that I can get a job. And stuff. Did I mention I moved? And graduated?

I'll probably be quiet here for a few more days. I'm trying to get my Etsy shop back up and running, and make my own art, and talk to people about jobs. So once things settle down, I'll have a routine (that finally involves sleeping more than 4 hours a night!), and be posting here a lot more often. Besides, I make a lot of things. You should probably see them.

And if you want to see some of them, you should look at my website! I still need to add my BFA work to it, but it consists of a lot of things I've made. Hopefully it will help me get a job making things. Maybe like these...

So here I am, in the beautiful state of South Carolina, where I spend weekends sailing with Nicholas and weekdays making messes (until I get a job). We drive almost everywhere on his motorcycle, which saves on gas, and makes it easier for him to stop so I can hop off and pick some wildflowers, which is nice. The weather is wonderful and always warm, and I'm staying with a family friend in a room with floral wallpaper until I find my own place. Mia has agreed to be my penpal, and Debbie & I are trying to figure out how to get a tin can telephone to go from here to Alaska. Yesterday, I made sushi rolls thanks to Nick's uncle who loves cooking, and also thanks to him, tried the best tasting homemade-by-a-friend-in-Germany alcohol-of-some-kind that tasted exactly like Smucker's strawberry jam. Exactly.

Things here are swell. I have some friendship bracelets to finish up now.

(Pictured above: set from Clementine animation; enameled pig necklace; artist book; friendship bracelet; merit badge; story; The Official Whimsy Scout Handbook; weaving sample on film; Fred & Ginger free motion machine embroidery; handmade sketchbook; Storyline No. 3.)

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