Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Oh Deer.

I did this little test animation a month or so ago, when I was trying out iStopMotion. Sorry about the distracting shadows. It was only a test. And I wasn't paying attention to lighting.

Aren't these glittery deer just darling? You'll never guess where I found them: Borders. As in the bookstore. I always check their lovely little journals and sketchbooks and owl wrapping paper. Last night I did a quick errands run and stopped in Borders before the bus arrived, and I found even more things I wish I could spend money on. Like an owl thermos (I swear it was made for me) and a bunny bank (also made for me). Plus all sorts of little bunny figurines that I just picture sitting on my little yellow Ikea table and moving around, watching me work on my website.

Today I'm finding spaces that I can use to shoot the first half of my big animation and also the animations for my documentary. I'll be doing some animation tests this afternoon, and hopefully starting on my documentary stop motion. Something tells me these little tests may be pretty amusing, so I just may have to share them with you.

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