Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Spring Break Kind of Busy

Oh, I've been so busy! A good kind of busy. A spring break kind of busy, anyway. Today especially. I've been trying to finish up everything before going back to Cleveland tomorrow. Mia and I made 2 more animations today, and I finally edited those and 3 others from earlier this week. They're currently being uploaded to Youtube, so I'll share them tomorrow. I still have to animate some clock faces for my big animation project. And I still have work to do on my website (I know, it was my big goal to finish it, but it is supposed to be a break!).

I've been doing some snooping in my basement to gather supplies for animations I'll be working on the rest of the semester, and just a few minutes ago, I discovered the loveliest ceramic tea set. It was so small, and so brightly colored! There was the cutest yellow tea cup! I'm dying to animate them, but there's no way I'll get to it this semester unfortunately. I guess I'll add it to my summer To Do list.

Now to finish packing and gathering supplies and getting ready to really be busy and drop off the face of the earth for the next 6 weeks or so. (Is that all!? I'll really be busy!)

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