Tuesday, April 20, 2010

20 Things I Am Looking Forward To

1. Finishing my animation for this dance collaboration.

2. Seeing my big semester long animation playing in Aitken tomorrow, better known as the Cinematheque theater.

3. Having everything rendered in HD.

4. Burning DVDs.

5. Being done with so many projects.

6. Not working on any websites for a good while.

7. Owning the Adobe CS5 Production Premium.

8. Being all moved into my new apartment.

9. Playing with Mia all summer.

10. Working in a flower shop again.

11. Going to the zoo.

12. Seeing Nicholas!

13. Tanning on the beach and lightening my hair.

14. Sailing.

15. Picnics.

16. Making more animation sketches over the summer.

17. Making more animations with Mia.

18. Making an animation with Nicholas.

19. Having a sleep schedule. It doesn't even have to be normal. Just some sort of schedule will do.

20. Sewing dresses.

Let's start with #1.

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