Saturday, April 17, 2010


I put on a dress.
I packed a suitcase.
My mom picked me up.
We drove 3.5 hours.
I did some little stop motion experiments on the car ride.
I had a French toast bagel with raspberry cream cheese for brunch.
We arrived in metro Detroit.
I walked into a flower shop.
I talked to the owner.
I had a mighty fine interview.
I got a job for the summer!
I went home.
I gave Mia a giant hug.
I played Polly Pocket.
I drew pictures of Alice in Wonderland with Mia.
I had a delicious dinner.
I watched iCarly iBloopers.
(I love that show.)
I watched Disney's Alice in Wonderland with Mia.
We watched some special features about the animation process.
I got her to fall asleep around 10pm.
I went into the kitchen.
I've been working on my research paper.

I will go with Mia to Sunday School to help her make a rosary.
I will go get my haircut (after over a year).
I will make an animation with Mia.
I will go back to Cleveland with my mom.
I will read some more books for my paper on the way.
I will work on my paper until I die.
I will go to the Cleveland Institute of Art Design Spring Show for a little while.
I will work on my paper until I die.
I will go to mass.
I will work on my paper until I die.

I really don't mind writing papers. In fact, I usually enjoy them...when I actually have time to work on them. Especially the papers I've written at CIA. So far, I've written one about unicorns, and another about self-portraits and Facebook. This one is about surrealism in the medium of stop motion animation, so I feel like I can spend hours on Youtube watching everything by Svankmajer, and claim that it's homework. It's rather tempting. Here, check out his version of Alice in Wonderland. His take on the caterpillar is amazing.

I am getting back to work.

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