Saturday, May 1, 2010

Lazy Saturday

Today was a day off. The first since Winter Break, it seems. And so I didn't set any alarm. And let me tell you, I always set an alarm. Even if I get to sleep in. I just don't like wasting the day. So after going to bed after 2am, I slept until 2:52pm. It was wonderful, but I've felt stiff and achey all day. I guess I'm not used to sitting still for so long.

It's been weird adjusting to classes being done. Up until the last day I was working until 2am or so, and to have it all just...stop...I don't know what to do with myself. So today, I listened to records, watched some old tv shows on YouTube, made some little charms out of Sculpey for a necklace for Mia, watched some Moulin Rouge, cleaned off my desktop and my downloads folder (which had accumulated hundreds of items), and lounged around. Sundays are for cleaning, so Saturdays are for procrastinating. At least when I don't have school work to do. Of course, if I do feel like procrastinating some more tomorrow, I just may find myself at the art museum. And then I'll clean and pack. Maybe. I've got til Friday.

Is it bad that I'm already thinking about new projects for next year? I've been making lists of animations I want to do, and the ideas just keep coming.

I've also been working on changing around some things on my blog so it's a little more aesthetically consistent.

Back to being lazy. My posts will get more interesting after I recuperate from the semester. I promise.

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