Sunday, June 6, 2010

Garage Sale Day!

Yesterday was Garage Sale Day-one of my favorite holidays! Ha! The neighborhood across the street from mine has a garage sale day, the first Saturday of every June, and I look forward to it every year! It's so convenient when you just walk up and down streets for 3 blocks and see garage sale after garage sale. And there was a really good turn out this year. I have to say, I was very successful. I went with Mia, whose 4th birthday was also yesterday, and my friend Alyssa, who helps convince me that vintage is always an investment. So here's what I came back with!

Mia with our wagon...we definitely needed it!

Mia got a free bunny from a lady when she told her it was her birthday. (Although I really don't like buying used stuffed animals.)

Mia holding one of the Littlest Pet Shop animals I bought her. We picked out a whole bunch, including an adorable sea horse!

Some videos! Because we still have a VCR in my house! And I don't have those Disney flicks on DVD yet. Oh, and the Barbie Workout video? Funny story. The only fight my sister Ciara & Alyssa ever got in was over the video. Alyssa wanted to do what Barbie said, but Ciara wanted to do jumping jacks. It didn't end too well, but we got a good laugh when we found the vhs again!

$2 box of old (1960s-1970s) encyclopedias on nature & history. They've already been used for collages in my sketchbook. The pictures are quite wonderful.

Really vintage books! For a nickel a piece! More collage supplies for me!

And a few National Geographics from the 60s. For $0.50 a piece. I was tempted to get more, and after some collages I made today, I really wish I had.

Records, of course! Another version of Mary Poppins (because it had a great cover), 2 Simon & Garfunkel, and some others.

Really old gumball machine (for an animation idea I've had!) and a vintage label maker (the color was too great to pass up!).

My pride and joy: a paint-by-number painting of the Last Supper! I love the look of a lot of old paint-by-numbers, and I love Jesus. So obviously, for $3, I needed this. Haha! I think it might look alright in my new dining room...we'll see what my roommates think. It's this fantastic?

I've been entirely exhausted today. Still. From moving on Wednesday & Thursday. Oh, did I forget to mention that? Wednesday, my dear old dad and I drove down to Cleveland, moved all my stuff from apartment A on the second floor to apartment B on the fourth floor. Down 19 steps. Up 2 steps. Into the van. Drive a mile. Out of the van. Up 42 steps. We're a little tired. The good news: my dad's a little closer to quitting smoking after "climbing Mt. Everest" as he's been calling this moving adventure. And, of course, I love my new apartment! I'm back in Detroit now until August, but I'm kind of itching to go back. I guess it's a good thing that I love my school that much.

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