Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Alice's Adventures

Today, Mia suggested I make an Alice-themed .GIF, so I made this very simple one. I also decided that I'm officially going to make one .GIF everyday. Hopefully most of them will be simple, hand drawn, mini animations. Maybe a few baby stop motions. Maybe things that just look cool. I plan on making a Tumblr just for my .GIFs. Or maybe revamping my account I more or less abandoned in January or so. Anyway, I will post each one here, and have .GIFs and only .GIFs on that blog.

I've made one everyday for the past 3 days (woo-hoo! Solid start!), but I'm not gonna count this as part of my 365, since I plan on taking Chloe (my beloved laptop) in to get her battery fixed.

So, what kind of .GIFs would you like to see? I kinda wanna see how much they'll spread on blogs and whatnot, so give me suggestions!

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