Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mr. Lewis & Mia Roses

Just before coming to pick me up at work, Mia was sprawled out on our neighbors' lawn talking to Mr. Lewis. I still think we should adopt him. Mia already takes care of feeding him every day. Our neighbors must really appreciate all the carrots on their lawn.

At work, we debated our favorite wedding flowers. I think that's my favorite part of the job. It's really interesting helping people, especially when you hear their stories. Sometimes they're getting flowers for a first date. Sometimes they're looking for rose petals to hide in their car's visors as a sweet surprise for unsuspecting passengers. Sometimes they have to pick out funeral arrangements for their best friend. Sometimes they need "I Love You" flowers. Sometimes they need "Will You Marry Me?" flowers. Sometimes they need "I'm Sorry" flowers. Sometimes it isn't so happy when they pick out flowers for their girlfriends, despite the ring on their left hand. Sometimes it's beautiful when they're picking out bride bouquets. I love seeing the different designs. Sometimes, I really like the deep blue violets with lime greens and whites, grouped. Sometimes, I like whimsical colors, like watermelon and lime. Sometimes I really love soft princessy colors like light green and light pink. Today, we had the most beautiful roses in. They were large and full with infinite layers, in the softest pink, and the outermost petals had a tinge of green. They would be lovely with green hydrangeas. And maybe light pink peonies and white spray roses. I took one of those beautiful roses home for Mia Rose.

This weekend, I played a game of spoons with my cousins. But because the spoons were all in the dishwasher, and the last time a light fixture was broken, we played with spatulas and ladels. My uncle tried to convince us to play Knives instead. Somewhere in the midst of defending common sense, not to mention allergies from sleeping outside in a tent, I lost my voice. Nicholas now calls me "Sir" due to my manly voice that cracks all over the place when you can actually hear it. Mia just thinks Ursula stole it.

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