Saturday, January 22, 2011

Follow Yellow Bicycle Blog

If you're being redirected here from my old blog, or if you're discovering it for the first time, let me give you a little tour. But first things first... See that button on the left that says follow? (It looks like this.)
FOLLOW on Bloglovin
You should click it. It will take you to my page on Bloglovin, which is my favorite blog feed website. Or you can follow on another site, but you definitely want to follow this. I have some exciting projects to share.

On the left, above "follow" are a bunch of other buttons. You can READ my blog, LEARN about  me, WATCH my animations--embedded right here on this site, LOOK at my sketchbook, SAY hello, VISIT my favorite websites I've linked to, ENJOY my Vimeo page, LAUGH at my Youtube videos, and BROWSE my Flickr. Only the last few are external links. Some of the pages aren't up and running yet, but they will be soon, so check back!

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