Sunday, February 13, 2011

March 6, 1942

Thursday 7:30 P.M.
My darling,
This is the last sheet of my paper, and from now until some more arrives, you’ll have to be satisfied with some regular Jefferson Barracks paper.
I managed to get a letter off to Eric and Aunt Tryx last night, and this morning before breakfast I was able to scribble a note to Elsa, thus taking a great load off my mind. Seems as if my letters are getting shorter and shorter--there’s so little for me to say that the folks back home don’t already know.
It was another one of those beautiful days today and though they still tell us that we’re quarantined, I can’t see it. This morning we went out with the rest of the boys for our regular three hour drill period, and this afternoon repeated the same procedure. The one thing in the line of variety was, that instead of drilling in two files as usual, we drilled in three. Oh yes, I have something else to look forward to tonight, and so has Ralph. They’ve been skipping all around our names, and they finally got to ours--now the next thing we know we’ll be doing K.P. tonight from 2:00 A.M. to 4:00 A.M., yours truly is to do guard duty, up and down one of the streets of our squadron area. It’s a nice clear night and the moon is almost full, so it shouldn’t be much of an ordeal--two full hours to dream of you!
Only one letter today, and that was from Aunt Louise--looks as if my mail is dropping off--but it will probably be back to normal tomorrow. Art’s folks were over to the house the other evening, and though Aunt Louise has spoken with them many times by phone, she shad never met them. They’re very jolly people, and made a big hit with the folks. Of course the entire topic of conversation was Art, you, and I.
I picked up my pictures today at last, adn I suppose I’ll just have to be satisfied. You were at least lucky to have as many sittings as you had--and by the way, he couldn’t have been so good, if after eight proofs you have to go back for some more. I’m sending you one of the pictures tonight, and you’ll have to like it in spite of the dizzy grin I’ve got on my face. It took exactly five minutes to take the pictures and we had our choice out of two of them, so see how lucky you are to be able to choose out of so many proofs? I had six made up in all--one for you and Aunt Louise, and four little ones for the rest of the relatives.
Darling, I hope that you don’t have any more of those headaches--they’re miserable, and I don’t like them, so please dear, if you’re troubled, do what Mother thinks best.
Yes, I’ll be with you tonight at 8:00 o’clock New York time as I’ve got all my change all lined up already.
After you get your A on your report, and after it’s returned to you, I’d like to be enlightened as to the “Changing Culture of an American Indian Tribe,” so how are my chances of getting it? I haven’t read anything good for an age.
Some of the boys in our Flight are already beginning to move out of here. I think Bill Mooney was in on that picture you have--well he left today for Pasadena, California. He knew he was going there before the Post was quarantined and left today, right after the ban was officially lifted. Uncle Fred and Aunt Millie are out there, and I told him to look them up when he gets into town, as they’ll be wonderful to him. 
Darling, it’s getting late, and I want to get these pictures over to the Post Office before they close, so there will be a brief intermission until tomorrow morning when the house phone will ring at eight o’clock. (I hope_
So, little princess, I’ll say goodnight, and as I close I’m very happy when I realize that on our second anniversary we’ll both be together. Darling, I love you, and I’ll be thinking of you all night tonight.
All my love--lovely one,

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