Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Let me tell you about my day.

I woke up at 7am and stayed in bed trying to remember what it was like to be warm while listening to Esteban meow because he was bored.

I got out of bed, made my bed, folded laundry, and cleaned my room. I played some ukulele, read some of my favorite book, and talked with my roommate about animation, rap, and Katie Perry.

I got dressed, did something with my hair, threw on makeup, found a cardigan and legwarmers, packed my backpack, and left to catch the bus before 10am.

I walked toward the bus stop, crossed the street, and discovered that the snow was up to my ribcage. So I walked down the busy road to the other stop, all while having cars drive by and kick slush up onto me. Awesome.

I waited at that bus stop until 20 minutes after the bus was supposed to be there. I finally gave up and decided to walk to my studio.

I walked down the sidewalk, came up to the first bus stop, and continued through the unshoveled, waist deep (well, almost...and I am on the short side) snow, all the while carrying my very heavy yellow backpack. I remembered that I still needed to waterproof my boots, but in order to do that, they need to be dry. So I prayed that my boots would somehow magically resist water, just for today.

My feet seemed to be dry as I went on, though my knees were not to happy and my tendonitis was less than pleased. I ended up behind an old man with a snow blower. Which meant that I was stuck behind him, as he took 5 steps a minute, with snow being thrown in my face. Unless I wanted to continue in the deep snow in front of him. Cool.

I finally made it to my studio, only to discover that the air conditioning was on. Oh, and that my boots were soaked. My feet were just numb, so I didn't know.

Realizing that my face was also numb (and having fun with that) and that my hands were frozen in place, I found some change and went to get coffee. The vending machine ate my money and didn't give me coffee. So my hands remained cold. I was irritated.

AND IN THE MEANTIME, 27 OF MY FACEBOOK FRIENDS DECIDED TO ATTEND THE SNOWPOCALYPSE. No thank you. I will not willingly attend this Snowpocalyse unless I look like THIS GUY:

No, thank you. I would much rather stay inside, wearing my glow-in-the-dark footie pajamas, wrapped in my animal print Snuggie (ok, I don't really own a Snuggie...), wearing slippers, inside a sleeping bag, tucked inside a cozy fort, while sipping hot chocolate, with marshmallows (because I have gone back to eating gelatin), watching a beautiful movie (like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind or The Fountain).

I really can't wait until I can be barefoot all the time without risking frostbite, and my windows are open.

A lot of classes were canceled, or at least delayed, today. Mine was canceled tonight. The school might be closed tomorrow. Which means more time for me to get work done.

However, after being cranky and cold all day, I have to admit a Snowpocalypse could be a pretty epic start of a stop motion animation. Just look at Bumble, here!

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