Saturday, May 7, 2011

Behind the Scenes of Marvelous Things!

In case you were wondering, Marvelous Things That Should Have Happened In 2001 was made completely by myself. What do I mean by that? I mean I came up with the idea. I set up and ran the lighting and video equipment. I made all the pieces for the set (technically Mia helped me paint the cats gold last summer). And I sat there for hours, with all the pieces in a circle around me, picking up one piece after another, and hoping they got in the shot. I shot it over and over, and just prayed that by the time I filled my mini DV tape, I had one decent run. And then I edited it. Obviously this is the kind of thing you should have an assistant for, but for now, Yellow Bicycle Films consists of me and Mia when she's around to help. And, you know, she's not even in kindergarten yet, so some tasks are a little advanced for her. Anyway, here are some behind the scenes photos to give you an idea of what I was dealing with.

It was set up on a desk in the studio. And everything takes place in my lunchbox.

I used a series of library books I had laying around to hold the backdrops in place and help balance the curtains in the beginning and end.

Everything was laid out in a circle around my feet and then put down on the other side after they went through. Then I rearranged them and did another shoot. A million times.

There they are. The golden cats. Or, as Bill & I referred to them, the Astro Cats. (Not to be confused with the Catstronaut.)

Speaking of CATSTRONAUTS! In my lunchbox.

This is the mess I had been living in.

Library books about the Old West.

Pieces from my set.

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