Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Official Goal For This Summer...

Has been to do something different every day. And so far, I've been incredibly successful. I've tried new beers. I've gone to 2 street fairs. I've gotten East Coast Custard. I've been stranded on a porch during a tornado. I attended a Sausage Fest (where I enjoyed veggie corn dogs). I've made pocket friends. I've made magnets. I've collaged. I've painted aquatic life figurines gold. I've made friendship bracelets. I've made dream catchers. I've started an Etsy shop. I redesigned my blog. I've checked out (only) 9 library books (so far). I've researched stuff for my BFA project. I've made paper dolls. I've drawn. I've embroidered portraits. I've made a [well received] video for the CIA 2011 Commencement. I've slept every night...that's probably the most unusual.

Today, I made a crown of clovers while I walked home from work. And then, being so unbearably hot and sticky in my apartment (I'm talking won't-sit-on-anything-for-fear-of-being-stuck-there-until-September), I decided to go hang out at the library down the street (not the one I work at). So I worked in my sketchbook. Looked at books. Skimmed some magazines. And then realized, as one guy walked in with his instrument, that today was the monthly ukulele jam! Unfortunately I realized this too late to go and get my uke, but I hung out and met the people. It was awesome. They let me pick some songs, too, so I was privileged enough to be serenaded by 4 ukuleles, an acoustic guitar, and a mandolin playing "Stand by Me" a la Ben E. King. My favorite song ever.

Oh, and I almost forgot. In the midst of whining about my room being a vacuum of heat, Vanesa & I were sitting on the balcony, when my cell phone magically slid out of my pocket, under the railing, and down 3.5 stories. Oh dear. And I got this phone less than a month ago. And it's touch screen. Yikes. So I walked down there and collected all the pieces: phone, battery, battery cover. Turned it on. It works. Not anything wrong with the screen. Which is amazing because my screens die even when I don't drop them from 3.5 stories. However, come 9:30pm, I realized that the micro SD card wasn't in my phone. So I sat there with a flashlight scanning my parking lot. Get this: I found it. After 5-10 minutes. I should probably be a CSI. Of course, I learned how to search for small things in big areas from watching CSI. Just saying.

Supposedly it's gonna storm tonight. Which means I'll be up late taking advantage of the cool weather, and making lots of things. Lots to do before Thursday!

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