Monday, June 6, 2011


I had quite a busy weekend. Maybe not as busy as the last couple. But it was still pretty packed. Wednesday night I worked hard at my sewing machine, embroidering feathers to finish up some dreamcatchers. Then, around 3am, inspiration struck, or rather, I realized that my case for my nice pens I always have with me was cracked. So I sewed a new case for my writing/creating utensils. I'll share pictures of that later, but for now, here are pictures of my first 2 completed dreamcatchers (available in the shop!).

After staying up...a bit past 3am, I woke up at 8am on Thursday, packed a suitcase, went to work at the library, hopped on a train, boarded a bus, and ended up in Toledo where I was greeted by a very excited 4 year old who leapt into my arms from about 6 feet away. She was so excited. We then got hot fudge sundaes from McDonald's with our dad, then drove home to Detroit.

The weekend was filled with all sorts of festivities (birthdays, anniversaries, garage sales...), but I'll share more of that later when I get all the photos off my camera. Right now, I am beyond exhausted (I've been getting up around 8 am or earlier everyday since Thursday!). Perhaps this is the end of my nocturnal days. That is, until August rolls around and I begin my BFA project. Yikes.

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