Monday, June 20, 2011

Stop Motion Internship! & Other Good Things

Guess who just started an amazing job in a place with colorful walls and curvy offices and an old typewriter and top notch equipment doing stop motion, editing, and more?!
This girl! (Who very soon will be painting that outrageously lime room of hers. Yikes.)

Last week, an opportunity sort of fell into my lap. When I first started looking for internships in the Spring, I was (a) very very busy with school, (b) highly intimidated by super corporate companies, and (c) finding jobs at places that were nearly impossible to get to without a car (which won't be in my budget for quite a while). So I decided that instead of stressing out with 17 million applications, I would work at the library, research ideas for my BFA (which I think I know what I'm doing!), work on an amazing project with the amazing recipient of a Guggenheim, and do other freelance jobs. Easy. Enjoyable. And leaving me with plenty of time to make things. But last week, the lovely lady at our career center urged me to contact Think Media Studios who was looking for stop motion. Whoa. First of all, just about everything I previously looked at had no interest in stop motion, which means I'd spend all my time on a computer. Lame. But this place wanted stop motion. And they liked my stuff. And they wanted me to call them. Whoa.

I'm not gonna like, it's quite a bus ride away, so when I went there to talk, I quickly grew grumpy from the traffic, the walking, and the fact that they were located on one of those corporate campuses that have man made ponds (the epitome of everything I hate). But as soon as I walked through their door and saw colorful walls, curvy offices, and an old typewriter (!), I knew this had possibilities. It turns out, they're awesome. Their work is awesome. And they hired me! When I walked in today, I was informed that they just landed another job requiring stop motion, so I could get to work coming up with ideas. I love it already.
In 2 days, Nicholas will be here in Cleveland.  Where I will put him to work fixing ceiling fans and painting my room and driving me to and from work. Somewhere in between all that he better find time to steal a kiss or two. I haven't seen him since March.
And this weekend, Nicholas is driving me to Detroit for Ciara's & my cousin Ben's Grad Party Extravaganza. Mia is so excited to see Nicholas. The last time she saw him was at our Senior Ball in May of 2008 (she wasn't even 2!).

Mia's 5 now. I was home for her birthday a couple weekends ago. We went to garage sales and the antique store and spent lots of time coloring. It's so weird that she's starting kindergarten in the fall. And that magnet set I got her? She LOVED it. She still plays with it everyday, I'm told. Whenever she comes into the kitchen, she moves some pieces around. I want to make her more pieces.
And as promised, here are some better pictures of the magnet set when I gave it to her.


  1. that is amazing! congrats on the exciting opportunity ahead of you.
    i just watched a bunch of your animations and they are wonderful. makes me want to make some :)

  2. Thanks so much, Mel! I'm definitely excited, and so far I have loved everyday at work. And if you ever make an animation, I definitely want to see it!


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