Friday, August 19, 2011

Michaela Likes Cupcakes & Zero Bicycle Films

This morning I went to get my bike out of the [locked] basement to ride to work at the library. When I discovered that my bike was not there. I double checked with my friend Josh, who occasionally drives me home & returns my bike later so I don't ride home too late. Nope, he didn't have it. I ran through every possible place I may have left it locked up. And after crossing each one of them off (while walking to work with a backpack full of books), I realized that my bike was officially stolen. And this is the second bike I've had stolen in Cleveland. The other one was stolen out of the dorms (really?!) my freshman year, but I wasn't too bitter because I had the same bike since 5th grade (although, who would steal a bike that small?). This time, I was bitter.

I loved that bike. I really did. My neighbor gave it to me, and it was vintage and exactly my style. It was teal, and I had been debating painting it yellow all summer, so I could finally have my yellow bicycle (like Yellow Bicycle Films, my "company"). But it looked beautiful either way. The brakes squeaked really loud, but I thought it was endearing. I loved it. It got me where I needed to go when I didn't want to buy a bus pass (which gets expensive) or walk (because good walking shoes that aren't hideous and don't get holes in them are also expensive).
So after spending the entire day lamenting the loss of my only transportational vehicle, I left little notes on my basement door.
And by "award," I mean "reward." See, not being able to ride my bike to school is already having an effect on me.
I'm really tired of people being mean. As much as I love CIA, I cannot wait to be done, just so I can move to where the weather is warmer and the air is sweeter. I just cannot figure out how anyone justifies stealing. Stealing from people, stealing from stores (even candy or small's just dumb). It's wrong. I mean, I guess I don't see a problem with taking pens from work or whatever (benefits?), but really? Steal a bicycle from a girl who a) doesn't have a car, b) walks everywhere, and c) has holes in all her shoes? I know things could be a lot worse, and I was fortunate to even have a bicycle, but it definitely was useful and I can't afford to replace it right now. Ugh. This is just mean.
 Luckily, not everyone is mean. Josh, who knows that my email is, brought me these cupcakes. Cupcakes can make almost anything better.
PS. If you have ever stolen a bike in your life, I think you should buy a bike for someone who needs one (not me, just someone). And you should probably bring them cupcakes too and apologize for being such a jerk.

I think I just found my life calling to make PSA's about bicycle theft.

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