Sunday, September 25, 2011


I write best when I write on my skin.

I've had writer's block all week. I've been in a bit of a creative funk all week. Not the idea-hindering, everything-I-think-is-pointless, my-art-has-no-value kind of funk. Just an overwhelming, frustrating, can't-find-the-write-words-for-my-thesis, wish-I-was-Bob-Dylan funk.

I've tried writing on scrap paper and sketchbooks, on tracing paper and graph paper, on Moleskine and Post-Its. I've tried making lists and bullet points and venn diagrams and brain maps. But my words didn't match up and sentences couldn't be found.

I started writing down my arm until I hit my elbow. My ideas finally began to make sense. I've been told they made sense all along, but not to me. They were tangled up in knots. But I feel better now.

I have my first BFA in-progress presentation on Wednesday. Before then, I need to read more books, write more words, buy lots of poster board, re-sew a button on a vest, and watch this video on repeat.

Fact: I have ideas.

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