Friday, September 9, 2011

Thursday Picnics

This year, we decided to enjoy a picnic every Thursday. And until Cleveland decides it's winter, we find some lovely patches of grass and bring food to share with good friends. And once the weather begins to disagree, we'll move our picnics to Megastudio, but more about that later when I can give you a proper tour (probably after our astroturf is ready).
With all this time sitting in the grass, I've become pretty fast at creating clover crowns of all kinds. This Thursday, I even made this out of some of the leaves that started falling. 
It was so fun, and turned out pretty well, considering my leaf choices were limited. Once they start falling full swing, I need to collect a bunch to embroider on. I love Autumn!
I think Debbie totally pulls it off.
Thursdays I also have an enameling class. Right now we're just doing samples and playing with the material and the different marks you can make. This is actually the firescale that came off of one of mine, and not the enamel itself. But it looks like a galaxy. I love it.
Plus the firescale (showing the opposite side of which here) leaves really interesting organic patterns on the copper. I really can't wait to start making wonderful things. It's a bummer this is the first time the class has fit into my schedule.
I'm also working on a rotoscope test. Hopefully, it will turn into a finished animation, but more importantly, it's fun & relaxing and helps to develop a style before I move onto rotoscoping something more important this year...
I need to find a forest somewhere within walking distance (ha!) so I can look at trees and figure out how I want to draw them. I'm not completely satisfied yet.
And, in case you couldn't tell, my library patronage has only increased with it being just down the hall from Megastudio. But it's so handy having all these resources right there. I love Megastudio.

Also, I hope you don't mind this cheesy action I used to distract you from the phone/Photo Booth quality of these pictures. Haha. But this is a few of the cool things I've been working on.

Now back to my Friday night of writing things for my BFA. Woohoo!

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