Monday, January 30, 2012

Very Real Fears Right Now.


  1. Spontaneous combustion of all my frames.
  2. A tornado will sweep through Megastudio, picking up only glitter and my frames.
  3. While carrying my frames to the JMC tomorrow, they will all fall loose and fly into Euclid and get run over by the bus. (I have a constant fear of my art getting run over by the bus.)
  4. Fire in Megastudio.
  5. Electrical spark from an outlet causing an arc of electricity to hit the wall where all my frames are hanging and burn them to ashes.
  6. A sudden ice age causing such a severe drop in temperature in Megastudio that all my frames become brittle and crumble.
  7. An angry art student rips them from the wall and tears them to shreds.
  8. Facilities decides I don't deserve a studio and takes all my art and throws it out, causing me to go dumpster diving with no avail.
  9. IT is still mad about all the printing I did, so they decide they own my art and take all my frames away.
  10. A rare species of insect that eats only tracing paper will infest Megastudio and eat my frames and then die, leaving piles of dead bugs all over my desk.
  11. The fire alarm will be set off, triggering the sprinklers, which will not be turned off until going up the chain of command until given the official order to turn them off. If my frames are not dissolved, I will spend weeks blow drying them and ironing them flat, only to see that the ink has run all over the page, although this could lead to interesting artistic marks. Maybe.

I should sleep now. Tomorrow I'm finishing the credits and photographing the frames.

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