Wednesday, April 18, 2012


in Megastudio.
If you think this is bad, then we won't talk about my bedroom. I'm sure things will be different after I graduate and move closer to the equator and sleep more than 3 hours a night.
Friday night, in between working on silkscreen transparencies (that giant piece of tracing paper with writing all over it) and handmade books, Debbie & I found time to dye these cotton knapsacks we bought at Pat Catan's. I really wanted to dip dye mine, and was hoping for a color in the vicinity of coral, but figured I'd wing it. Apparently, I guessed the right combination of lemon yellow & fuchsia MX dyes! I'm really pleased with how well it turned out!
The repeat patterns I've been drafting are no longer a part of my BFA, unless I decide to print wallpaper, which would be awesome, but unlikely since I looked at a calendar and had a panic attack earlier tonight. Yikes.
This is after finishing another chunk of rotoscope (notice the stack of frames in the pile on the left). Did I mention I live here? That would be a collection of DVDs to keep me entertained while drawing thousands of frames. Oh, and some sandwich ingredients. And gold paint and glitter are always at hand.
My father would kill me.

I probably won't be updating this very much for the next few weeks. That is, unless I magically finish shooting & processing & looping 2 rolls of 16mm film, building 3 pedestals, silkscreening 3 tapestries, writing a paper, writing a proposal, making postcards, binding 20 books by hand, designing the book to be bound, and maybe sleeping a little. But probably not that last part.

More presentations tomorrow. It never ends. What's my art about again?

Right. Ghosts.

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