Monday, June 4, 2012

Sketchbooks, Part 5

 Sometimes I needed a break from BFA. Or rotoscoping. So I would think about fun things I didn't have time for.
 And during liberal arts classes, I would simultaneously pay attention to discussions and brainstorm impossible projects, like the Official Whimsy Scout Handbook.
 Or singing trees. But hey, that idea was so funny to me, that on a Monday, because I felt like it, I made it. And now, in a box in my closet is another box that, when opened, reveals a little forest and a fallen tree.
And then Whimsy Scouts became a reality, in a way. That is, the Official Handbook did. For my handmade book class. 
Which meant that Whimsy Scouts were homework. And singing trees were art. And I really liked that.

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