Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Etsy Awards

Ok, ok, we all get it: I love awards. Mostly making them, and giving them. So after having a few of my items appear on Etsy's front page recently, I decided they deserved awards. You may notice, while browsing some awesome items on Etsy, that occasionally sellers will celebrate their front page achievements by uploading this little button. It's a small circle with a bit of text. All you really need. But why be content with just that?

Now, despite Googling to my heart's content, I could not find where the image originated. Maybe it came from the company, or some independent designer. Either way, this is it, just as small, and it is uploaded along with images of the product being sold. There's nothing wrong with it, except that it looks rather puny when the other images are scaled to 570 pixels wide, and this one is, oh, maybe 100. So I decided I would make my own! So when my items make it to the front page, they get an award! How fun is that?
I made two variations, in case one font isn't your style. Oh, didn't I mention? They're free for you to use! If your item makes it to the front page, feel free to tell the world with these award ribbons! If you click the one you want, it will open to its full size, at 570 pixels--exactly the width Etsy scales images to. I did add a watermark with my shop in it, only because awards are kinda my thing; I drew it and designed it, and would like to be credited with that. PLUS, I'm working on a few awards-theme items to add to my own shop soon! So enjoy! And congratulations!

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  1. Thank you! It's beautiful! I use it:


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