Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lovely Weather

Charleston has finally cooled down enough where I could sit on the porch all day. And today, I just might. I've got some sketching to do for a collaborative project with an elementary school, some sewing that needs to get done, and a headful of whimsical ideas.

This lovely photo (one of maybe 6 I own that are in color) was found at a little antique store down the road from my old apartment in Cleveland. Everything looks absolutely glamorous (compared to hitting the pool nowadays, where everyone seems, well, fairly trashy), which is yet another reason I should have been born a few decades earlier.

Anywho, happy Wednesday, or Friendsday, as Lisa Frank says. Because I liked her on Facebook, and now have plenty of colorful goodness in my newsfeed.

And, most importantly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE RECIPIENT OF THE AWARD FOR RECEIVING MOST AWARDS, my wonderful friend Debbie, who recently rescued a baby squirrel and took him to work with her every day in a shoebox. She's the best squirrel mother ever!
Love ewe, girl! 

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