Monday, April 5, 2010


I won $1 Million, I would

1) Pay off my student loans and save a set amount to pay for the rest of my education/room & board and a little bit of money for after school.
2) Set up savings accounts for each of my siblings so they would have a bit of a start towards their tuition. But I wouldn't pay for everything. They'll appreciate it more working for it.
3) Save a little more.
4) Buy a new lens for my camera.
5) Buy Adobe CS5 Production Premium (when it comes out in a week or so).
6) Buy a nicer tripod.
7) Buy a copy stand.
8) Buy either iStopMotion Pro or Dragon Stop Motion.
9) Buy a button maker.
10) Buy Fantastic Mr. Fox on DVD, as well as a bunch of Disney Platinum Editions.
12) Save some money for future plane tickets.
13) Give the rest to my parents. I don't really need anything else.

I didn't have to worry about deadlines, I would

1) Print off a whole bunch of Disney coloring pages right now.
2) Draw a bunch of coloring books for Mia.
3) Embroider.
4) Do a hand-drawn rotoscope.
5) Lie in the grass.
6) Visit my family.
7) Sew something.
8) Crochet a bunch of headbands.
9) Go downtown for a day. Probably to the library for a while.
10) Take a nap.
11) Eat regularly.
12) Make pixilations all day long.

I don't have a million bucks. And I do have deadlines that keep getting closer and closer. So it's back to After Effects. I'm almost done with a big chunk of my (main) animation! I will feel much better at that point. And my website's looking pretty spiffy.

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