Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Goals

1. Continue to be productive during Writing for Art & Design Professionals. See above.

2. Spend absolutely as little time as possible on one of my projects. Pretty much exactly what my teacher told me. Otherwise, I will end up killing myself with the amount of work I do. It's bad when you're zoomed in so far on a timeline that you can only view 4 frames at a time. This is gonna be hard.

3. Write at least half of my art history paper over the weekend. I've yet to read any of the books or journals or other sources I've accumulated. It was due a week from today. Thank God for the extension.

4. Animate some clocks tonight.

5. Clean out the installation space.

6. Motion masking marathon tonight! The goal for today is a 2 second clip of a dancer, and one interview for my documentary.

7. Try not to have a heart attack before my next unbirthday.

Ps. I've been brainstorming design ideas for making buttons (the little circular pins) for another project. And I have some really good ideas. Anyone wanna buy me my own button maker?

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