Monday, May 30, 2011

Mia's Magnet Set

Once again, laundry was incredibly unsuccessful yesterday. I say incredibly because I spent $1.50 to wash my clothes, in a washer that is still broken, then $1.25 for each time they went through the dryer, which was twice, because my clothes were sopping wet. Hooray. Isn't it funny how the simplest things can make your days super productive or extremely frustrating?

Today, however, I was productive for a bit. I organized my art supplies for a little bit. And I made Mia's birthday present. I'll be home for both my mom's birthday (June 2nd) and Mia's (the 5th), so I've been putting some gifts together.

Unfortunately when I went to photograph Mia's gift (pre-packaging), I realized that my kitchen has terrible lighting, and, well, I needed to use the fridge. So I'm sorry these pictures are so terrible (I even had to use the flash-gasp!), but I'll put new ones up when she opens them. And maybe next time I'll aim for finishing gifts before the sun sets and there's still natural lighting to be used.

Anyway, I free motion machine embroidered little characters and designs on pieces of felt (completely free hand...usually I at least use a water soluble marker to mark where I sew). And then sandwiched a magnet between the front and a backing, making her a nice little magnet set.

There's a little "Mia," a mermaid tail, a princess crown, a pug (or as she calls them, snugglepups!), a unicorn, a camera, a typewriter (one of our favorite "knick knacks" to buy at garage sales), a "woof" speech bubble, a "beautiful!" speech bubble, and a little heart. All of her favorite things (and her favorite thing to say!).

And here it is, all packaged up, just for her...

I hope she likes it! Now I just need to come up with a gift for my mom and a gift for Ciara's graduation. Oh, and I have a special commissioned set of pocket friends involving dancing penguins. I'm pretty psyched.

I think tomorrow I'll make a dream catcher.

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