Friday, May 27, 2011

New Blog + New Pocket Friends!

Hooray! I've made the switch over to this here new blog o' mine. And I promise I really want this to be the very last time. Now let's talk about some things I made...

Last night, I was up til, oh, around 3:30am, sewing. You'd think the semester was still going on. Nope. just stitching up Alfred Hitchcock. So after work today, I photographed, packaged, and uploaded my new items to Etsy. So if you're a fan of Bob Ross, or Peter Pan, or Winnie-the-Pooh, or Audrey Hepburn, you should definitely go check it out. I think my favorite right now is this Pocket Pack featuring Mr. Popper and some of his penguins:

And now I get to look forward to a 3 day weekend, which means LOTS of making things. Especially since I'm trying to add items to my shop every Friday, and I'm leaving Thursday to go visit my family in Detroit. So I have to get everything all set before then.

Tomorrow, my only goals are to (a) tidy up my room, (b) do laundry, providing the washing machine is fixed and there are no tornadoes stranding me on porches, and (c) make animated blog buttons. I'm sure I'll do more than that. Maybe I'll make some dresses with some old tank tops. Although, I do know a 4 year old that loves wearing my tank tops as dresses themselves. Whenever I'm home, Mia insists on going through my suitcase, and asking if she can have my clothes. It doesn't matter how big it is on her, she finds a way to make it work.

Alright, I've got 193 files on my desktop (not counting those in folders), so I've got some organizing to do!

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