Thursday, June 16, 2011

I Don't Sleep Well Anymore

I can't remember much of my life when I did.

Yesterday I was given an amazing opportunity. While at first I didn't think it was something I wanted, I am now very grateful and looking forward to it. But I'll share more about that after everything's official.

Also yesterday, I think I decided what I want to do for my BFA. I'll have a whole year to work on one big project, which is amazing in the world of animation. But I don't even know if animation will be included. Maybe as part of a body of work. But the main piece would be something highly tactile and incredibly detailed and very honest. And of course whimsical. It's in line with my ideas from the spring semester. And I'm absolutely interested in this area, especially since it would give me a lot of freedom, so if my findings lead me in another direction, I should be able to adapt.

I Break Horses - Hearts from Bella Union on Vimeo.

Also, this video makes me want to make another blurry animation like this one I did. I have some ideas for little blurry sketches. And I'll be working on one of them in a couple of weeks with Nicholas. We plan on visiting beautiful places.

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