Saturday, June 18, 2011

Secret Backyard Adventure Zoo

Because I am organizing ALL of my art supplies, and because organizing them requires essentially taking everything out at once to regroup it, I realized that just about everything I own is for art. Literally. Not just assuming. Fact.

Besides my flute and my ukulele, I don't think I own anything related to some other hobby. So if I wasn't an artist, and I didn't make things, I think I'd start a zoo. In my backyard. It would start with a bunny, who would be lonely and need a friend, so then I'd end up with lots of bunnies, and then I'd want a dog, but I'd probably marry a cat person, so we'd have to even that out, and I'd want a sheep (even if it wasn't to harvest its wool for felting or knitting or anything crafty), and the sheep would need an alpaca friend, which wouldn't let me ride it, so I'd get a horse, which of course I'd teach to do tricks, but it probably wouldn't be too happy about that, so I'd get an elephant, and it would just spiral out of control from there. Not like Animal Hoarders, but like Secret Backyard Adventure Zoo. And all the animals would have super awesome names, like Beatrice the sheep and Mr. Skraggles the one-eyed alpaca, but that's another story.

Ps. If you'd like to know more about Austin Animal Crackers, my friend Debbie made a field guide for them. You should look into it.

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