Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tips For Being Really Super Productive And Making Lots Of Things

(And a sneak peak at my newly painted, newly organized room!)

1. Have a clean work space, so you have lots of room to make a mess. Also, don't stress about making messes, or you'll be more focused on being neat and tidy than making cool things.

2. Get rid of distractions. That means if your hair is ridiculously long and layered and tangled (like mine), get it out of your face.

Put on good music. Especially music that fits the mood of what you're making. Note: for marathons of making things, vinyl is not recommended unless you love Dion & the Belmonts so much that you don't mind listening to the same side of the record over and over. Otherwise, save the time you would spend flipping to side B, and put on Pandora.

4. Make goals, and make them possible. If you know they're less than likely, then you're already telling yourself that you won't finish them.

5. Keep a water bottle handy. Every time you drink it all, take a small break to stretch, refill it, and talk to your roommates about the damn cat's farting problem (or whatever). I like this because I'm trying to be better about staying hydrated, and I like taking breaks.

6. Reward yourself. For every 6 dreamcatchers you make, go ahead and splurge on that box of Dunkaroos. YUM.

7. Sign out of Facebook and get to work!

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