Saturday, July 9, 2011


I started dating this boy in 2005.
We were only 15 and knew everything.
Now we're 21 and know nothing.
He's worked consistently as an electrician and doing heating/air conditioning. 
I've worked at flower shops and the mall and a library and a production studio.
He's gone to two colleges and plans on transferring to a third, making the most of it.
I have one year until I graduate from the Cleveland Institute of Art.
He studies electrical engineering.
I study animation and fiber & material studies.
He likes to fix things.
I like to make things pretty.
One day we will have a beautiful home, and nothing will be broken.
One day we will live in the same state.
But for now we'll get by. We've made it six years so far, and had so many adventures along the way. We may be complete opposites, but we like it that way. Otherwise, he would never know how stop motion works and I would never know how to tack and jibe. I still would have never been on a plane and he still would have never ridden public transportation in Cleveland. And neither of us would have attempted to make the most delicious cookies ever.

But together, we make it work. We're perfectly happy seeing each other only 3 times a year. We find nothing better than sitting at home watching the Jack Daniels documentary twice in a row and playing rummy. We look forward to road trips, just for the mandatory stop at Cracker Barrel. And sometimes we play ukulele. And he makes me happy.



  2. Thank you :) I love it, too. He looks so happy.


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