Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Great Day for Etsy

Yesterday was my lucky day. While I have yet to find a four leaf clover (despite the fact that I stare at the ground while walking to and from work), I had something on my side yesterday. At work, we were really busy with deadlines approaching and everyone was editing like crazy. So while things were rendering, I'd check my email or whatever. Well, I only checked Etsy twice all day. And both times, it didn't register because what I saw was familiar.

But as the page loaded the first time, I realized I had a surprising number of notifications. And when I clicked it, the numbers of people who favorited my items and shop grew. And then it clicked. I raced back to the home page and realized that I made the front page!
I believed that what happened next, besides nearly choking on my PB&J, was me calling my mom and saying, "GO TO ETSY RIGHT NOW." Which only resulted in her texting me minute by minute updates of view numbers. She was sort of bummed my dreamcatcher didn't sell, but honestly, I was so excited that people know I exist! I tend to measure success differently than most people.

(Grounded treasury can be seen here; Hidden Forest Dreamcatcher can be seen here.)

So a couple hours later (in case you didn't know, they change the front page treasury every hour), I looked at Etsy for the second time that day. And again, it didn't register until I checked my notifications. A treasury I created had made the front page! And it was one of my favorites I've made so far, as it's based off of one of my favorite books/movies, A Little Princess (have you seen this animation I made?).
(Searching for Sara Crewe treasury can be viewed here.)

I know that in comparison, my Etsy stuff is not at all popular. But I've gotten great feedback on many of my items, and that's what matters most to me. Besides, I like making things.

If you want to see more treasuries I've been featured in (because many of them are such lovely collections, and I do love collections), check out my Tumblr.

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