Monday, August 1, 2011

Michaela's Weekend of Spontaneous Adventures.

Here's how it went down.

I spent Saturday making dreamcatchers for the shop (did you see the update?). I planned on finishing some dreamcatcher necklaces, except I couldn't bake the itty bitty polymer clay feathers because my oven, which is normally fantastic, would only heat up to 125 degrees, and there may or may not have been some scent resembling that of gas. So I sent Josh a text that said "Hi, can I bake something in your oven for 3-4 minutes? In exchange, I can offer you store bought blueberry coffee cake or frozen french toast sticks."

A few hours later, and I get a call from Scott (with Josh yelling in the background), who said, "You like old things, right?" Duh. So in 5 minutes, they were at my apartment to pick me up and take me to a classic car show. There were some really great Thunderbirds (best car ever), but not the year I like (I mean, I would learn how to drive for this car). And I made sure Josh and Scott knew how I felt about absolutely every car, because I know so much. (Obviously not.)

Afterwards, we hit up Taco Bell, Skyline Chili, and Josh's apartment to use is extremely exciting oven. In case you were curious, it's extremely exciting because there are no numbers on the dial whatsoever, so we kind of guessed.

And then we ran (third day for me) barefoot. I made it a mile again. And then I went home.

Sunday I walked to church and caught the bus afterwards. The most magical thing happened: RTA's money collector machine was broken, which means, free ride! So I went to Target, and, whilst there, decided to go to the mall as well since I rode the bus free once. So I get on the bus again, and it was still broken! So then I spent a few hours enjoying the air conditioning and trying on more dresses than I intended (and by intended, I mean could afford to) buy. So I got back on the bus again, and it was still broken! So, as I ran out of time (so excited for the mall) earlier, I stopped at Joann's, where I got some more canvas for dreamcatchers, a few spools of thread, and some fabric to sew some skirts.

After hopping on the bus the last time, for free again, I called Scott, who was moving to an apartment on the bus line, that day. I got off at a corner, where I was picked up by Josh and Scott in a (what I would absolutely consider giant) U-haul. So I went with them to check out a couch Scott found on Craigslist. The first one was too big they decided, but the apartment it was in was beautiful, so it wasn't a total waste. And the second was out in Tremont, which I somehow have never explored. So we explored it. In a U-haul. And, since we were in the neighborhood, we visited the house where they filmed A Christmas Story, which is my dad's absolute favorite movie ever (I'm talking, owns the VHS, the DVD, the board game, Christmas ornaments, still watches the ENTIRE 24 hour marathon despite owning various copies of the movie...). And then, since we were practically in the neighborhood, we explored the flats a bit.

And then I checked out Scott's new apartment, which is probably the best apartment I've ever seen ever, and we discussed homewarming gifts (I think this would be perfect). And then I went home, browsed Etsy, and talked to Nicholas.

The moral of the story? I'll be making lots of things tonight.

(Maybe that doesn't make sense as to how I came to that conclusion. Either way, I need to keep my hands busy, and adventures just give me more ideas.)

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