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This weekend, my Grandma Honey (as we all affectionately call her), mom, brother, sisters (McKenna & Mia) all played a game of Telestrations, which is a pretty fantastic game. Which my grandma got me for Christmas. Why did she get me this game? Because my mom told her to. And my mom loves games. Don't get me wrong, I rule at Scrabble, and Apples to Apples will always be fun, and Monopoly Marathons are sacred in my house. But my mom takes this love of games to a whole new level. Despite already having Yahtzee, she bought me my own game of Yahtzee because it was the deluxe edition. And we already have Scrabble, but when Diamond edition came out, guess what she bought me for Christmas that year. I have Monopoly, Dogopoly, Monopoly Here & Now, Monopoly City, and now Designer Monopoly, which comes with velum money. Oooh! So it's a bit of a joke in my family that when some new edition of a game comes out, I can plan on getting it for Christmas. Note that she does not buy these games for anyone else, just me. Because she thinks she can get away with it. Haha. I know her strategy.

Anyway, Telestrations is a game my mom & I played at a party. It's very similar to the game of telephone, but involves drawing. So everyone draws a card that has 6 words or phrases. You roll the dice, and the number tells you which of your words you have to draw. After drawing it in a small white-board-style notebook, you pass it to the person to your left. That person then guesses what you drew and passes it to the next person who draws what they guessed. And it goes around until it gets back to the person it started with. Get it? My family and I kept going around the full 8 turns, though, which is more than it says to, but it's funnier that way.

So I wanted to show you what happens when your grandma, mom, 15 year old sister, 10 year old brother, 21 year old self and 5 year old sister (who was on my team, aka, drew pictures in her own notebook and occasionally helped me guess) play this game.

(PS. Sorry the pictures are super ugly. I only cared about quickly recording my favorite rounds between games. Pay no attention to anything except the drawings and guesses.)
My word was Thanksgiving! I love Thanksgiving! So I was excited.
 So I quickly drew the first Thanksgiving. Did I mention it's timed?
 McKenna guessed Thanksgiving. Duh.
 Joey couldn't remember what we ate at Thanksgiving besides turkey, hotdogs, hamburgers, and bacon. For the record, out of his list, turkey is the only thing featured at our holiday meal.
 My mom was convinced it was a toilet seat & beehive.
 So my grandma, who claims she has no creativity, drew a toilet seat and a beehive.
 But I was pretty positive that was a tooth.
 So McKenna drew a tooth falling on a beehive.
 Joey thought the bees and branches were debris, and figured it was a tornado. So Thanksgiving turned into tornado.
 Grandma Honey got stuck with clam chowder.
 So this is what she drew. (I have no words.)
 I had no idea what to guess, so I asked Mia, who said it was either "The sun falling apart or a watermelon on fire."
 So McKenna drew the sun falling apart.
 But Joey thought the focus was the "sunglusses."
 So my mom drew a guy with "sunglusses."
 So my grandma guessed "guy with sunglasses."
 So I drew a guy with sunglasses. But I worry that whenever I draw guys, they still look feminine, especially when drawing quickly, so I gave him facial hair.
 Which apparently is all you need to be Jesus in disguise, according to McKenna. So clam chowder turned into Jesus in disguise.
 Here's one with lovely drawings, starting with Joe's word bubble gum.
 So here's his drawing of bubblegum, which I would have guessed was an egg shell.
 But my mom knew better.
 I think this was Grandma Honey's best drawing of the evening!
 I was more specific in my guess.
 So here's McKenna's drawing.
 But apparently, Joey thought it was barfing a bubble.
 So my dear old mother drew a guy barfing a bubble. Yes.
And my grandma had to guess what that was!

Anyway, I recommend this game to all mothers who need gift ideas for their kids that they also can enjoy. And everyone else, too.

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