Thursday, August 18, 2011

Down the Rabbit Hole

This past weekend when I was in Detroit, Mia & I made sure to make an animation. Everytime we make one, I teach her a little more about my camera. This time she learned how to manually focus my DSLR. So I showed her how I made my blurry animation, and we decided to try it (plus, I didn't want to drag a tripod on the bus from Cleveland). I haven't edited it yet, and I'm worried that (due to the fact that I was both shooting handheld and directing a stubborn 5 year old) it'll be too jerky, but here are some stills from the day. She decided it should be about a lost princess, but it turns out (we made it up as we went along), she was looking for Wonderland the whole time!

 She's the prettiest 5 year old I know, and the best animator, too. She took some pictures of me, too, directing me where to stand, and then manually focusing.

I'm proud of that little girl. She wants to be an artist like me when she grows up. I want to pay off my loans and help her pay for art school if that's what she ends up doing.

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