Friday, September 30, 2011

Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then

Today I have weaving, which I love. I'm starting my Bob Dylan bracelets, which I also love. And after class, Debbie, Josh, Adam & I are going to Columbus to see a live performance of Brent Green's stop motion feature Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then. Which I love more than a lot of things, including salted caramel mochas, which are currently draining my bank account.

About a year ago exactly almost, Brent came to CIA, and I was lucky enough to have a studio visit with him. Some of the things he told me are ideas I still think about and reference when working on my own art. He's an amazing storyteller, and his animations are so unique and beautiful. And this one even has an animated car crash. So cool.

Tonight is one of his live performances, where he shows the film, but plays the soundtrack and narration LIVE. I'm so excited. Last year he showed a DVD of Gravity at CIA's Cinematheque, but I'm sure it's even more interesting live.

I'm sure I could gush about how fantastic his work is and how he's one of my favorite artists for longer than you care to read. But instead I would rather watch his entire Vimeo account before weaving.

I'm so excited. I hope your weekend is just as fantastic as mine will be.

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