Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Beach Barbeque

Today, we celebrated autumn weather, good friends, our last day to relax before BFA craziness ensues, and Labor Day.
 So we all headed down to the beach for a barbeque.
 Adam & I both took lots of pictures with our twin cameras.
 Josh used Debbie as a wind barrier. What a gentleman!
 We all ended up huddled around the grill for warmth.
 Adam did the grilling for awhile. At least while Mike & Josh were at Walmart.
 Judy judged Adam's attempt at grilling what became "beef chunks."
 Adam preferred watching, anyway.
 Mike took over, and Adam used a towel for warmth.
 We wore stripes, plaid, and 101 Dalmatians.
 We had no idea how you were supposed to grill corn, but it was 4/$1, so we tried it!
 Josh & Adam huddled for warmth with their towel blankets.
And Mike was left eating his corn while cooking for the rest of us.

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