Monday, November 7, 2011

The Sentimental Archive

Now that my BFA project is in full swing, I figured I should start updating here a bit more. I will also be updating the blog I set up specifically for the project, which is called The Sentimental Archive. Up until this point, I've done formal experiments, material exploration, research, writing, organizing, and thinking about my ideas. But with about a month left until midyears (can we please not talk about that?), it's time I start production. So here's a bit about my project.

ABSTRACT (as of right now, anyway)
The Sentimental Archive is an attempt to do something intangible and impossible, yet entirely important: to preserve memories. Through a systematic approach, personal stories will be collected from the individuals of a specific community, and will then be organized and archived in a way that validates them. By archiving them in a specific manner, the stories will gain a sense of authority and show that the subjective point of view can often be more valuable than the objective truth we so often seek. The system of grouping and filing, following a traditional archiving practice, will allow viewers, with the assistance of finding aids, to locate memories to which they can relate. By visualizing some of the memories, I hope to spark curiosity and invite people to delve into the archive to see what other stories exist. In doing so, I aim to inspire people to take an interest in the personal sotires of others, because the sharing of experiences evokes empathy between individuals and helps strengthen a community.

BRANDING (still developing)

In an effort to create an aesthetic that balances authority and sincerity, I decided to utilize fonts with more of a handmade feel that mimic a traditional serif and script. I have also begun integrating hand drawn lines and accents with older photographs. I aim to keep it fairly simple and clean, but I'm sure it will continue to evolve. Anyway, this is the blog I set up. You can visit it at

EVENTS (or whatever you would prefer to call them)
In order to attract a wider audience, I'm going off campus to various Cleveland destinations, where I will speak with whomever is interested, and record their stories. These are the stories that will be archived, so if you want your memory included, make sure to come to one! The first will be held tomorrow from 10:30am-2:30pm at the downtown public library.

FLYERS (or, how I hope to interest people into having a conversation with me)

While my approach may change, for tomorrow I will be simply sitting and hoping to spark curiosity. I will have small signs sitting on a table next to my sound recorder. We'll see how that works. It may fail, or it may spark some honest curiosity and sincerity.

TAKEAWAYS (what each participant will be given)

I wanted the participants to be able to see the progress of the project, and to see their stories evolve into art pieces. So I set up a blog, and printed these half-sheets of paper with the URL and my email address, as well as the abstract if they wanted to share their experience with others and explain the project.

So? I'm always always always looking for a critique. Leave a comment?

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