Friday, November 4, 2011

Some Things I Feel Like Sharing

Because it's currently 2:41am, and I'm probably not going to sleep tonight (which is probably for the best because if I do, there's a very good chance I will morph into Rip van Winkle or even my sister McKenna, who can easily sleep for 18 hours at a time if you don't wake her up). So before I get back to work, I thought I'd ramble here a bit about my life and dreams as an artist, or something.

1. Today I lost three chunks of flesh. The first occurred when I swiveled around in my studio chair (with a wooden back) and sandwiched the tiniest bit of sensitive skin between the back of the chair and my desk. But I didn't actually mind so much because it was pretty much the wound of a different color. The second chunk of flesh missing is in my thumb due to a blister that developed and popped while stoning enamel. And the third was that unnecessary patch of skin on the back of the ankle that all razors know doesn't belong.

2. In 6 days, or 5 I suppose, I will be in Asheville, North Carolina, my favorite city, visiting my favorite boy, and picnicking by my favorite waterfall. And, coincidentally, my friend Joe just hung some work in a gallery for a show featuring photographs altered by the hand. Besides the fact that I love Joe's work, I love tactile media and processes, so Nicholas & I will totally have to check it out!

3. For a vegetarian, I eat a lot of animals. Nicholas often claims I'm childish, just because my kitchen is often filled with Teddy Grahams, Bunny Grahams, Cat Cookies...

4. My BFA is about to begin the production stages and I'm very happy with my ideas right now. Obviously I still have plenty to learn about and read about and think about, but I've finally stopped doubting myself. And I'm excited, which makes it a lot easier.

5. My tapestry weaving due tomorrow turned out to be a total failure. Which is probably good, because I happened onto something potentially really interesting. I hope. We'll see how I feel abut it at 9:30am.

6. The main reason I am ok with graduating is because I will be able to cook, to have fresh vegetables in my home, and probably sleep a healthy amount.

7. Sleep is for the weak.

8. I need to buy film. Like, right now.

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