Friday, December 16, 2011

Britches & Hoes!

BEHOLD, the best art Debbie & I have ever made! From the messes of Megastudio comes this hilarious video that is sure to change your life.

Hey y'all! A collaborative effort produced by Yellow Bicycle Films & Debbie Duke's Backyard Beverages, "Britches & Hoes" is a hilarious video poking fun at our ideals of farm culture, line dancing, and down-home aesthetic. Created from start to finish by artists Michaela Lynch & Debbie Christensen, it speaks of the handmade and genuine qualities of folk art. Each of the puppets were made by transferring images onto balsa wood, punching holes for eyelets and brads, and assembling them before stringing them together. The featured dancers include the artists themselves (Debbie is third from the lest and Michaela is second from the right) and their favorite people to dance with (Debbie's cat, their weaving teacher, an old man, and one of their favorite artists).

Directed by Debbie Christensen & Michaela Lynch
Starring Bill Lorton, Fran the Cat, Debbie Christensen, Ben Kinsley, Michaela Lynch, and Some Old Guy
Music by Ed Gilmore & the Bunkhouse Four
Set Design by Debbie Christensen & Michaela Lynch

Debbie Christensen's website | accomplice and acclaimed beer brewer
Ben Kinsley's website | sing along coordinator and talented artist
Bill Lorton's website | weaving teacher and Megastudio supporter

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