Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I'm Alive, I Went Home, I'm Back, I'm Working.

My mom didn't seem to believe me when I told her how tired I was. Because, you can't be tired unless you have 5 kids. It doesn't matter if 2 of them are away at college. You're still tired. And more tired than anyone else on the planet.

And then I slept until 3:30pm.

I deserve a merit badge. I told her I was still tired. But she thinks that it's "part of being an adult." I'm sorry, that's not what the CIA admissions people tell high school hopefuls. Art school tired is a kind of tired most people don't experience. My neighbor back home, a graduate of College for Creative Studies, is one who can relate and has told me about his numerous all-nighters (and he did it all without caffeine!). My mom still doesn't get it.

So after becoming nearly nocturnal, watching all 5 seasons of Blossom via Youtube, embroidering merit badges, trying to think about BFA, eating birthday cake (did I mention I'm old?), making friendship bracelets with Mia, and playing the Jaws theme song on empty and almost empty beer bottles (my dad was so proud), I'm back in Cleveland. Ready to work.

The studios opened back up today, so I got here bright and early. The caffeine headaches have already begun, and a fresh spill of glitter is waiting for Debbie. Today I think I'll make fun art.

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