Saturday, January 14, 2012

2,256 Frames & 1 Slight Problem

I've spent the last few days fairly sick and incredibly exhausted. Not exactly the way I wanted to end my break. Especially considering I have so much to do. I don't think I've properly explained this rotoscope project in its entirety (and if I have, I'm sorry for repeating myself). So here's the deal: 5 animators from CIA and 5 composers from the Cleveland Institute of Music partnered up. The composers created a score for the animators to create visuals for. Each group makes an [approximately] 5-minute long piece. And then they will all be projected onto the dome of the planetarium at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. Voila! Not really. It's supposed to be a big Cleveland shindig with all sorts of hoopla created around it (in a good way), but right now, it means a lot of work. Mapping an animation to a dome is one thing. Understanding it is another. And that's after I do the work of rotoscoping this (by hand, the old-fashioned way). Of course, I'm the only one taking this route. All our styles seem to be vastly different. But I'm dead set on this, even if it is a lot of work. Plus, it's going to be part of my BFA. Hooray!

So today, feeling much better, I came to the studio, prepared to begin printing some of the 2400 frames (alright, there are actually only 2,256). But for some reason, none of the printers anywhere want to print my frames!
And so I decided to work on a few other necessary things (which you'll see more of later), like updating my resume and such. Tomorrow and Monday will be spent getting my act together and getting organized for the start of the new (and last) semester. Writing artist statements. Sketching ideas. Storyboarding narratives that are currently running through my veins. And sleeping.

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