Tuesday, January 10, 2012

JS + TB Forever

Today I called on my dear friend Josh to help me out with one last scene I needed to film for my rotoscope. What did this entail? Carving initials of 2 fictional people into a tree at a park. Is this illegal? I don't think so. Creepy? Some might think so. Romantic? Maybe for those who don't know it's not real. Either way, I think Josh did a nice job.

Tonight I have to render this out. The rotoscope, which will eventually be displayed in the planetarium at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, as well as my BFA exhibition, is roughly 5 minutes long. Luckily, because of the technique and style I'm going for, slower frame rates are better. Which means I can sneak by with just 8 frames per second. Which means only 2400 frames! (Thank you, Mom, for going to Utrecht and bartering for a discount on 24 pads of 9x12 tracing paper for my birthday and Christmas gifts. Best gifts ever. Sorry they thought you were weird. For the record, when I went there to purchase a new Moleskine calendar and Dad asked if I needed any more tracing paper, the cashiers put 2 and 2 together, and realized that I was the weird one.)

Tomorrow I will start printing the 2400 frames. Dear CIA community, I'm sorry if you're planning on printing anything in any of the labs. I will probably use all of the ink ever in the universe. Love, Michaela.

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